What is the Global Network?

The Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities is a newly formed organization which recognizes that it is within our capabilities to initiate a call to action-to challenge and change international policy, practice, and participation of disabled people in developing and building their own successful businesses.

We believe that around the world, there are many thousands of potentially successful business owners with disabilities who are:

  • In business now, but not making the most of it
  • Ready to start-up but are facing a variety of obstacles
  • Thinking about starting a business, but are not yet skilled enough to progress their ideas

To achieve their potential they need encouragement, support and information.

How can the Network help? Contact us

  • We can offer a wealth of information, support and encouragement.
  • We can provide a global resource of information put together by business owners and entrepreneurs with disability to which potential business owners with disability can turn at any stage of their business journey.
  • We can share our expertise and first hand experiences and provide case studies.
  • We can help people explore what is possible and prepare others for their journey with one-on-one mentoring across the disability spectrum.
  • We can provide encouragement because we have confronted (and in some cases still are facing) the challenges and barriers of business startups and ongoing operation with a disability.

Strategies for successful support to Entrepreneurs with disability

The possible actions we would like to see developed to empower disabled people in business may include the following:

Identifying partners with whom we can develop and progress this proposition

  • A funded project to sustain and maintain global support/information/guidance and project colaborations
  • A dedicated leading edge accessible website forming a repository of web based resources and information
  • A means for mentoring and coaching support
  • A market place for disabled and non-disabled business people to connect and colaborate for mutual benefit
  • Varied mechanisms for accessible communications ( A key barrier we are determined to overcome)

Who we are Contact us

  • We are business owners with disability who have started and continue to run our businesses successfully.
  • We are sole traders and small business owners operating across many types of business.
  • Currently we own and operate our businesses in the USA, England, Scotland, Spain and Australia.
  • We are passionate and committed to the concept of building a global network of entrepreneurs with disability.