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John Little: Resume/CV Business Opportunities

John Little is an Australian based business professional who has conceived, developed and driven several businesses in Australia. He is currently expanding his Successful Resumes group internationally in America and the UK. Previously he founded and was the managing director of a successful boutique full service advertising agency and employer of a multi-disciplinary team of […]

Capacity, Inspiration & Innovation

Margaret Mead had it right when she said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Often when I hear literary quotes they sound nice but most do not exemplify real life. That is not true of the aforementioned quote. […]

Staeger-Wilson: Disability community has much to offer

When exploring how diversity positively impacts our economic development we also need to include the disability community. Approximately one in five Americans has a disability; one in 10 has a severe disability. We are the largest historically excluded group that anyone can become a member of at any time. As our baby boomers age, as […]

GNED’s first Case Study

Subject: Jerry Williams/Queen City Recovery – Buffalo, NY, USA Introduction: Late in August, 2010 the Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities (GNED) was presented with its first call for assistance by an entrepreneur with a disability. Jerry Williams, the owner of Queen City Recovery, a Buffalo, New York based towing and vehicle recovery business was […]

Community and Connection Are Critical for Business Success

A successful entrepreneur knows how important it is to continually nurture and create connections, that includes prospective customers who will buy your product or service and other connections: peers to talk things over with; professional advisors like your accountant or web designer; mentors who have succeeded in your industry. As entrepreneurs with disability we face […]

Global contacts: Overwhelming response!

Please allow me to share a sampling of emails of introduction and the beginning of exploring ways to build linkages between and among our groups. What follows in this post is the phenomenal work being done in other parts of the world- both entrepreneurial and innovative- in advocating better employment and life options for people […]

Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Blog!

What brings you to this site and how can we build a truly inclusive global community together? Rob Crawford Our hope and aim is to create something new bringing together not just people with disability, but all who believe they have something to share & contribute to making a difference in helping others to make […]

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