John Little CEO Successful Resumes International John Little is an Australian based business professional who has conceived, developed and driven several businesses in Australia. He is currently expanding his Successful Resumes group internationally in America and the UK.

Previously he founded and was the managing director of a successful boutique full service advertising agency and employer of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

The Successful Resumes group is possibly the first such organisation of its type, globally, to develop and implement a Quality Assurance process across its operation.

The international group currently comprises 25 branches in Australia, with the US arm having opened for business in New York in March 2010, the new UK head office underway from April 2010, with New Zealand under autonomous management since September 2009.

John is a wheelchair user whose initial diagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy occurred in his teen years. Although John clearly represents an enviable standard of business success, he is often treated by strangers with condescension because of his chair: “Good on you, isn’t that terrific.”

John's personal goal in life is to have a positive impact on people. He especially focuses on those needing help getting started in employment, people with a range of special needs and others seeking to further develop their careers.

Visit John Little at: Successful Resumes Australia

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