World Disability Union - logoDelegates gathered in Istanbul, Turkey on October 22 & 23 representing 6 continents & 65 countries in order to establish the World Disability Union (WDU) and a global Congress addressing Universal Design.

The WDU a project; of bringing together real/ legal persons, NGOs, organizations, institutions and associations, government organizations that work in the field of disability under one umbrella, to move forward collectively towards the ultimate aim of improving the lives or persons with disabilities.

Our very own Rob Crawford, GNED Global Management Team Leader and Regional Representative for the US, attended this historic event. His tweets (#WDU2011) posted live were re-tweated across the globe.

The World Disability Union set out with a goal to serve all persons with disabilities as a truly global and democratic collaboration among organizations of persons with disabilities, to fully realize the goals of the global movement for the rights of persons with disabilities, and act as the single largest umbrella body representative of all persons with disabilities.

UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities and World Programme of Action for Persons with Disabilities have been taken as references while the World Disability Union's Constitution was being prepared.

Conference delegates came together as strangers on a common mission and left as friends, kindred spirits and colleagues dedicated to the WDU motto "WE KNOW NO BARRIERS!"


Learn more about the WDU here: World Disability Union Inaugural General Assembly