“The Way Forward beyond 2012”

With some 90 experts from all over the Asia-Pacific region, including an
expert with a psychiatric disability, the “Expert Group Meeting-cum-Stakeholder
Consultation to Review the Implementation of the Asian and Pacific Decade
of Disabled Persons, 2003-2012: The Biwako Millennium Framework for
Action” was held at UNESCAP in Bangkok, Thailand from 23-25 June 2010.
Mr. Akiie Ninomiya, the Executive Director of APCD participated in the meeting.
In the meeting, experts with different types of disabilities positively discussed
various perspectives to enhance a practical consensus. Several government
representatives from China, India, Japan, Pakstan, South Korea and Vietnam also
showed a positive attitude regarding a new Decade.

Purpose and Primary Focus
*Promote regional and international cooperation on good practices concerning the rights
and needs of persons with disabilities;
*Accelerate the ratification, harmonization and implementation of the Convention on the
*Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Asia-Pacific;
*Promote the implementation of the Convention in all subregions of the Asia-Pacific;
*Keep a strong national focus on the inclusion of persons with disabilities as a
development priority;
*Remove attitudinal, physical, institutional and policy-related barriers to increase the
participation of persons with diverse disabilities in decision-making, self-determination
and human-centred development;
*Strengthen multi-sector engagement and sustainability of resource allocations for
disability-inclusive development;
*Facilitate local, national and subregional tracking of the Decade’s progress using
measurable and achievable indicators;
*Improve community-based services for diverse groups of persons with disabilities.

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