Formed a little over a year ago, GNED has created its website, become incorporated as a non-profit in the US, attracted founding members from four continents and made its formal launch announcement at a Plenary Session of the US Business Leadership Network’s Annual Conference.


We’ve made notable progress to date and now seek additional talent as we gain traction this year. GNED is currently recruiting for our brand new Advisory Council (AC).


The primary role of AC members will be to provide feedback, perspective and expertise on issues effecting the growth, development and operations of the GNED organization.  Attendance at monthly teleconference meetings will not be required.


Criteria for Selection of Advisory Council Members

  • Must have a disability, a chronic illness or work/volunteer in a disability-related field;
  • Be self employed or in a leadership position in a company or “for profit” organization or at some stage have been in either of those 2 positions;
  • They should not be from a government, public or subsidized sector background;
  • Have skills and/or experience in either service delivery, mentoring, training delivery, financial management, marketing, technology or business management;
  • Be willing and able to attend occasional online meetings;
  • Be willing and able to lead or join a sub-committee to work on specific goal orientated projects.


If you're interested in volunteering to be an Advisory Council Member, please complete the application form below.


Thank you for your interest and application.

We look forward to connecting with you directly very soon!