Trish’s guest for this week will be Dr Bob Segalman. Born in 1942 with Cerebral Palsy, his parents insisted on mainstreaming him several decades before inclusion was even conceptualized. As an end result, Dr. Bob received two doctoral degrees and is the founder and central advocate for Speech-to-Speech phone services for people with speech disabilities.

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Dr Bob Segalman“A major problem is not the disability but the way able bodied people perceive people with significant disabilities, especially speech disabilities. I constantly have to educate strangers that I am (intellectually) competent. Another problem is that many people assume that because of my disability that they can take advantage of me financially.”

Join us and learn how Dr Bob almost single-handedly revolutionized phone communications for people living with speech disabilities in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden through the use of a telephone assistance service called Speech-to-Speech.

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