Image of the MoreKeyboardThe MoreKeyboard is designed with big keys, large print, and multiple leg adjustments to benefit older persons, the physically and/or vision disabled, larger framed and athletic people, children and those whose work requires wearing gloves.

Today, being able to use a computer is just as important as being able to read and write. But for seniors, the physically challenged, children, larger framed people, and professionals who work with gloves, it’s often difficult to use a computer keyboard. MoreKeyboard now has a solution that makes keyboards and computers easier to use for millions of people.

“Every day I saw people struggling with keyboards,” said Brad Hippenstiel, President of MoreKeyboard. “I knew there had to be a better way for people to be able to use such an important device. It inspired me to make it even more user friendly.”

The MoreKeyboard features three times larger print on keys that are 25 percent larger. The impact is bigger landing areas for typing and easier to read symbols. “The difference is dramatic,” Hippenstiel said. “It makes keyboards easier to use for many different groups.”

The MoreKeyboard is designed with a multiple leg system and front and back legs, which have three different height adjustments. This allows the user multiple height and angle adjustments to achieve a more wrist neutral position.

For seniors, the size of both the keyboard and print makes it easier to type. For the physically challenged, the larger keyboard provides better control and accuracy. It can also be used to accommodate employees with disabilities.

“The larger keyboard helps employers comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act to make their workplaces more accessible,” Hippenstiel said. “And it helps them support employees who are productive but have limited physical challenges.”

The keyboard is also beneficial for larger framed people. “I have three brothers and we all played football in high school and college. I noticed that some of the bigger student-athletes were struggling to type on a regular-sized keyboard. It was uncomfortable and frustrating,” explained Hippenstiel.

For employees in medical, industrial or laboratory facilities who have to work with gloves as part of their job, “the larger keyboard makes it easier for them to accurately input critical data,” Hippenstiel said. “By increasing accuracy, employers can increase productivity which will more than pay for the investment in MoreKeyboard.”

MoreKeyboard is available as low as $69.99 direct from its Web site at Comparison photos and more details are also available on the Web site.

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