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Bengal: An Entrepreneur with a Difference

“I Can,” says Pandu Ranga Rao By S. Kenneth Shishir The problems faced by the disabled is gaining more and more importance all over the world. The government of India and also State governments have lent a helping hand to the differently abled by framing various policies like reservation in jobs, concession in traveling, special […]

Toronto police settle G20 human rights case against paraplegic man

By Wendy Gillis, Staff Reporter, TheStar.com Toronto police have settled a human rights claim filed by a paraplegic man arrested during the G20 summit, but the terms will not be made public due to a confidentiality clause. Gabriel Jacobs, a panhandler paralyzed from the waist down, filed a claim with the Human Rights Tribunal of […]

Training the Blind to Run Businesses

A new program designed to empower individuals teaches them how to overcome popular perceptions about vision loss and compete with able-bodied entrepreneurs. Last fall, the Forsythe Center for Entrepreneurship launched an initiative aimed at providing entrepreneurship skills and training to individuals who are blind or visually impaired. With 200 students enrolled in the continuing education […]

Tech show provides platform to the disabled

New Delhi: Taha Haaziq is blind, but his disability never stopped him from following his dreams. He teaches Indian classical music and even provides lessons on popular internet-based video-calling software Skype. He also works with National Association for the Blind (NAB), Goan, as a computer trainer. “I am blind but that doesn’t stop me unless […]

Making Contacts to Overcome Barriers

By Trish Robichaud With rates of unemployment among disabled people double those of the able-bodied population, self-employment can be a great way for disabled people to enter the workplace and forge a satisfying and financially rewarding career. Indeed more disabled than able-bodied people are self-employed. According to a government report 18% of disabled men and […]

Disabled Protesters Outside Cabinet Threaten Self-immolation

Photographed by Adham Khorshed A dozen disabled people protesting near the cabinet building on Monday threatened to set themselves on fire unless an official agreed to meet with them and hear their demands on rights and opportunities for Egypt’s disabled community. One man, Lotfy Mohamed, a 24-year-old graduate from the faculty of commerce at Cairo […]

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