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Kenya Re unveils campaign to aid people living with disability

Kenya Re has launched a campaign that is expected to help people with disabilities participate more actively in both the economic and social life. The Niko Fiti – Ability beyond Disability campaign will run for three years and is expected to sensitize the general public about people with disabilities, as well as ensure that they […]

Dealing with disclosure: a multigenerational handicap for all Americans

The risk and necessity of openness Many people have a knee-jerk reaction to the term “disability” that causes them to shut down or recoil when in the presence of an actual person who discloses a non-visible condition or looks like they are disabled. Getting the public past this reaction is a bit like teaching a […]

Global contacts: Overwhelming response!

Please allow me to share a sampling of emails of introduction and the beginning of exploring ways to build linkages between and among our groups. What follows in this post is the phenomenal work being done in other parts of the world- both entrepreneurial and innovative- in advocating better employment and life options for people […]

Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Blog!

What brings you to this site and how can we build a truly inclusive global community together? Rob Crawford Our hope and aim is to create something new bringing together not just people with disability, but all who believe they have something to share & contribute to making a difference in helping others to make […]

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